"Fat news agency" ammonium sulfate or still has scope to rise
Apr 11, 2016

First, an increase in the demand for raw material of ammonium compound fertilizer enterprises, fertilizer for rice in Northeast China's greater demand, extruded particle production is active (supply and other places in Northeast China or exports). March in the late fertilizer Enterprise overall starts rate has up 80-85%, can be described as is early yilai of peak, urea, and ammonium chloride price to rose mainly, ammonium sulfate low price also continued has three week of long, so fertilizer Enterprise for raw materials ammonium sulfate is had to took, especially some cash crops by needed of sustained control release fertilizer of production by needed of raw materials more tendencies Yu ammonium sulfate; Northeast, to 4-May rice effects and the first dressing need must volume of ammonium sulfate, dealer timely ahead of prepared fertilizer; "Wuzhou Feng" Extruded grain enterprises have gradually entered the production season for increased purchases of ammonium.

Second, exports after first raising, international prices have been up (under the table), ports scattered order slightly more. February exports ammonium sulfate 246,300 tons, January exports 430,700 tons, the chain has declined by nearly half, compared to the same period in 2015 364100 tons, down 32.3%. Exports remained slightly weak in early March, the domestic ammonium sulphate prices way down, to late March early April, port cargo increased slightly, particularly around 50%-70% April China caprolactam ammonium sulfate by-product of finished goods have been exported to sign export little breakthrough come, with ex-factory prices continue to rise it is ammonium sulfate.