Agriculture advancing growth in fertilizer usage
Apr 11, 2016

A few days ago, the Agriculture Department held seminars, organizations in 17 provinces relevant responsible comrades of the agricultural sector, summarizing the 2016 exchange of experience, ideas and clear to work on the strengthening measures, responsibility, pay close attention to the four mechanisms.

Pay close attention to the mechanism for a clear division of responsibilities and further clarify the agricultural departments at all levels, responsibility to the unit, annual objectives, down to the task item. Pay close attention to the scientific assessment mechanism, fertilizer usage growth targets include an extension of local management, strengthen supervision inspection, test implementation. Pay close attention to the comprehensive and effective protection mechanism, increase the amount of reducing chemical fertilizer efficiency and quality support pilot demonstration, put forward applying organic fertilizer subsidies and to improve the quality of cultivated land incentives to speed up enactment of the law process. Pay close attention to the various forms of cooperation mechanism, exploring the purchase of services from business service organizations of the Government and the PPP model pilot, innovative agricultural enterprises cooperation, set up fertilizer increase efficiency by reducing National Union of agricultural science and technology innovation, accelerating the transformation of new products and technologies.

Strengthening the construction of arable land quality, "additive" quality and weight loss. Implementation of "storing food in" strategy, speed up the high standard farmland construction, around the integration of related projects, speed up the construction of a number of hanlaobaoshou, stable production of high standard farmland. Vigorously implement the cultivated land quality protection and improvement actions, implement the protection and utilization of black soil in Northeast China and the heavy metal pollution in farmland improvement project in Hunan, and gradually expand the scope of application.