Application of Ammonium chloride
Jan 29, 2018

1.Ammonium chloride,with nitrogen 24%-25%. Chloridion can inhibite the nitrifying bacteria, slow the nitrification,low the loss of nitrogen, it is better to apply ammonium chloride in wet region than ammonium sulphate.

2.Ammonium chloride is not good for germination and seeding growth,unsuitable for chlorine-tolerance crops such as tea, tobacco, grapes etc.

3.Ammonium chloride can be used as basal fertilizer and topdressing.

4.When ammonium chloride is applied to soil, because of the substitution, the chlorides have greater solubility than sulphate, which is easier to lose. With ammonium chloride, the loss of Ca and lower of pH in soil is more seriously, and the physical property of soil will get to be worse.

5.Ammonium chloride is suitable for acid and calcareous soil but not for saline soil because the chlorine ions will increase damage to soil.