Character and use of ammonium bicarbonate
Jan 19, 2018

Ammonium bicarbonatechemical formula NH4HCO3, contain 17%N. It is shown as white crystalline with strong ammonia stink. Ammonium bicarbonate has strong hygroscopicity and easily soluble in water with ph 8.2-8.4. The NH4+ in ammonium bicarbonate is absorbed by soil avoid leaching.Ammonium bicarbonate is an unstable compounds,can be decomposed and released NH4+ which will lose nitrogen.

How to use ammonium bicarbonate?

First of all, ammonium bicarbonate belongs to fast-acting fertilizer,suitable as basal fertilizer and topdressing. It can not be used as seed fertilizer because ammonia volatilization will cause seeding burning.

Secondly, ammonium bicarbonate be applied in low temperature season such as early spring or late autumn in order to less the volatilization and improve fertilizer efficiency.