China fertilizer network was identified as agricultural e-commerce experiment platform
Apr 11, 2016

2015 is outbreak of the agricultural business of the year and agricultural pilot programme on electronic commerce in January 2016, the Ministry of agriculture issued the notice marks booming agricultural business. The programme identifies in the 10 provinces (regions and municipalities) agricultural e-commerce pilot, including Heilongjiang, Jilin, 4 provincial key pilot in agricultural means of production. On April 1, the Heilongjiang provincial Agricultural Commission issued the notice on pilot work of developing agricultural e-commerce [2016]86, determining King-company e-commerce platform for the channel, agricultural means of production e-commerce pilot project.

As the leading agricultural Internet, n network since its inception has been to "make millions of farmers use the Internet to create value" as a development objective, put in more than 10 years, for the construction of the Agriculture of Heilongjiang province and the country has made a positive contribution. 2015 China Internet Conference as an important agricultural sector into the system, and the plate for the first time,-n network with its solid industry base, a huge audience and advance the development strategy, was awarded the agricultural branch for the hosting right. Have been unsung heroes of King-high profile debut network, carry the banner of agricultural business.

N network China fertilizer under Network (referred to in the fat net) was launched in late March "Enterprise cloud platform", the platform is based on "Internet +" cutting-edge trends and communication technology, deep combined with the chemical fertilizer industry, the line quickly became sought after hot spots, became King-network of agricultural means of production base of electronic commerce pilot project.