China's chemical fertilizer enterprises to enter the Australian market
Apr 11, 2016

Australia the financial review newspaper reported on April 5, Hubei yangfeng, China fertilizer industry company limited to finance a $ 5 million purchase of 2300 hectares in southern New South Wales farms, fertilizer production, marketing, research and development, and agricultural development. The company has pledged a further investment of a $ 65 million building an annual output of 50,000 tons of water soluble fertilizer production base.

It is learnt that the Hubei yangfeng Hubei jingmen fertilizer company limited is headquartered, is a collection development, production, and operation of high concentration phosphate compound fertilizer and fertilizer of large-scale chemical companies and national high-tech enterprise, private enterprise top 500 of China's largest manufacturing industry, China top 500 enterprises, China chemical fertilizer enterprises hundred enterprises and the country's phosphate and compound fertilizer top three.