Exchange in soil of Nitrate Nitrogen
Sep 30, 2016

Nitrate Nitrogen Fertilizer exist in NO3- anion, can be quickly absorbed by a plant, but easily washed away by water in a process known as leaching.

  • Strong hygroscopicity and easy caking, in high relative humidity air will absorb moisture to liquid form and difficult to application.

  • Easily decomposed and release oxygen when heated, cause the volume surge and flammable,  should pay attention to the safety in storage and transportation;

  • NO3- can not sorbed and bond with soil clays so easy leaching, so  can not  be applied to the paddy fields, and should be appropriate shallow fertilization to facilitate the absorption of crop roots  in wet season of the rainy areas.

  • NO3- can be reduced by denitrification to variety of gases (as NO, NO2 and N2, etc.) and causing nitrogen loss of fertilizers.