Fertilizer Nutrient Availability Of Ca, Mg, S
Jun 06, 2016

Calcium (Ca) :
Main Function : Structural component of cell walls; cell elongation; affects cell permeability
Approx. Conc. in Plant : 0.1-3%

  • Is mobile in the soil - Moves to root by mass flow; Can be leached – particularly sandy soils; Deficiency sometimes seen in dry soils when there isn’t enough water to transport Ca

  • Is held on the cation exchange

  • Low pH soils likely to be low in Ca


Calcium (Ca) Deficiency of Plant :



Magnesium (Mg) :
Main Function : Component of chlorophyll; enzyme activator; cell division
Approx. Conc. in Plant : 0.05-1%

  • Moves to root via mass flow & diffusion - Leaches somewhat more than Ca

  • Held on the cation exchange

  • Deficiency occurs in low pH soils


Magnesium (Mg) Deficiency of Plant :


Sulfur (S) :
Main Function : Constituent of proteins; involved in respiration and nodule formation
Approx. Conc. in Plant : 0.05-1.5%

  • Is mobile in soil; SO 4 2-

  • Mass flow and diffusion supply roots

  • Availability dependant on amount of OM - Undergoes transformations similar to N

  • More deficiencies are occurring because - Less atmospheric deposition; N-P-K fertilizer are purer contain less S


Sulfur (S)  Deficiency of Plant :