Fertilizer organic fertilizer full price stability favored
Apr 11, 2016

Adequate supply of fertilizers fertilizer market is not good "before the March, we've stocked, sales from the current situation, prices and flat over the same period last year. "March 30, Yi Town, Qionglai city, solid fertilizer distributors Liu Zhengtong told reporters that preparations for spring ploughing, active as early as years ago when he ordered goods from manufacturers, it was his understanding that the same town agricultural sales points and other nearby towns also adequate supply of fertilizers.

"Fertilizer production in 2015, Sichuan province increased, so the spring of 2016 fertilizer supply shouldn't be a problem. "Provincial agriculture Department official says 2015 Sichuan agricultural consumption was about 2.52 million tons of fertilizer this spring due to the grain crop area per cent stable, so the province's fertilizer supply is fully able to meet the demand for spring ploughing and agricultural production for the full year.

In terms of price, the provincial Department of agriculture statistics show early March 2016, Ammonium bicarbonate, calcium superphosphate, Sichuan province, compared with a slight increase in retail prices, prices of urea, potassium chloride imports slightly down. Urea retail price for the 1890 Yuan/ton, fell 2.53%, retail price 726 Yuan/ton of Ammonium bicarbonate, rose 3.86%, superphosphate retail average 677 Yuan/ton, rose 2.58%, potassium chloride imports fell 0.34%.

"The current spring plowing, elemental chemical fertilizers such as urea needs to provide a strong support, but on the whole, fertilizer, fertilizer is my province, the consumer mainstream. "The head of the provincial Department of agriculture said, in recent years as the technology of formula fertilization by soil testing continued promotion and fertilizer usage to zero action started, fertilizer gradually squeezing the traditional single fertilizer market. But under the influence of multiple factors, I am slightly weaker fertilizer market of the province and the country.