Hubei Tri-Ning introduction binary compound fertilizer products, sulphur and phosphorus ammonium
Apr 11, 2016

The end of July, Hubei Tri-Ning's successful launch of binary compound fertilizer ammonium sulphate phosphate, is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur, for oil-bearing crops, vegetables, sugar cane and sugar beet sugar crop quality, such as fertilizer, which initial daily output of 700 tons, with an annual output capacity of 200,000 tons, products just launched, received orders for more than 30,000 tons.

Hubei Tri-Ning the successful operation of the ammonium sulphate phosphate, is the company this year, following the successful launch of refined, industrial phosphate monoammonium phosphate, polypeptide urea and controlled release fertilizer after the launch of the new product. Hubei sanning to rich of coal, and p mine resources for relies on, full mining production potential, full development new products, in coal chemical, and p chemical this two branch main vine Shang mutual intersection, blossom, knot out has scarred fruit, products reached more than 50 multiple varieties, covers elemental, and compound fertilizers, and chemical raw materials, and fuel, and medicine, and food additives, and mineral, six big series, industry chain are toward market of led needs constantly extends.