Pengshan 4.4 tons of fertilizer to the countryside power spring
Apr 11, 2016

"Spitting in the sky, it is good time to fertilize citrus, I lack the money to buy fertilizer, old dry Council leadership to take the compost delivered to the door, I solved the immediate difficulties, is too kind!" On April 5, Peng Huang jinfeng town, mountain and 2 poor Jiang Guiru of group home for the elderly of the village, the old Council officials sent him to the fertilizer, and fertilizer carried into his house, said Jiang Guiru excited.

It is reported that when it is now spring, pengshan district Bureau of retired veteran cadres in order to solve the practical difficulties of the masses to help poor people in poverty, specifically citrus is delivered to households in need of fertilizer to help them do well in spring. And make plans for the poor out of poverty, to cheer on, which has been helping families out of poverty, the Council said it would continue to implement docking services, ensure that poverty does not return within three years.

According to statistics, the "sending fertilizer to the countryside to help spring" activities, a total of 4.4 tons of compound fertilizer for any 26 poor value 17000, solve the poor production of much-needed to ensure spring plowing and smooth.