Principle of crop fertilization three:Organic fertilizer combining with chemical fertilizer
Mar 13, 2018

Advantages of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer combination.

1. Organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer, chemical fertilizer can promote the mineralization of organic nitrogen, increase organic fertilizer effect, and the presence of organic nitrogen can promote chemical nitrogen immobilization, decrease the loss of inorganic nitrogen, are conducive to crop growth and development.

2.  The combination of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can improve the efficiency of phosphorus, promote the decomposition of various phosphorus compounds, activate phosphorus in soil, and reduce the fixation of phosphate fertilizer in soil.

3. Organic fertilizer can improve soil structure, form microaggregates and improve soil fertility.

4. A large number of research results show that the organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer application, the nutritional effects under the condition of nutrient content such as, application of more than single fertilizer or organic fertilizer, fertilizer, the longer the better.