Promotion of new biological fertilizer to build green agro-ecosystem value chains
Apr 11, 2016

For years, the country will "three agriculture" problem in the first place, the Central first, focused for 12 consecutive years "three rural" and eco-agriculture in green goal for 12 consecutive years. The future development of efficient, new varieties of green, environmentally-friendly fertilizers, pesticides, and realizing the combination of organic, inorganic, biological, or even combining growth and pesticide, and meet the long-term, high efficiency, low consumption, pollution-free is the trend of modern agriculture, is to protect the needs of agricultural ecological security and quality safety of agricultural products.

Implementation of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to maintain zero growth, meet the comprehensive benefit of increased fertilizer and land, is promoting agriculture "transfer mode, adjusting the structure of" significant measures, agricultural industry should be opened as soon as possible to zero action, adapt to new situations, to respond to new challenges. Enterprises should gradually to the high performance of fertilizers, pesticides, and controlled release, residual safety of holographic and element of direction.

Believe that under the guidance of State policies, the self-regulation of the industry, driven by consumer demand, Lu will communicate through the way of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to maintain zero growth, the goal of zero growth will be achieved.

Feng Dan Belle mumei is Shaanxi soil microbial technology biotechnology company as its core competitiveness, carefully research can overcome soil series of bio-fertilizers, crop barriers. On this basis, natural farming methods through practice, established high standards of plantations, production and sales of really delicious, nutritious, safe agricultural products, China's agricultural model of high standards.