Selection of compound fertilizer attention focused
Apr 11, 2016

Nutrient content in compound fertilizer with high, less under composition, physical characteristics as well as good, for balanced fertilization, improving fertilizer use efficiency, promote crop yield has a very important role. But it also has some disadvantages, such as the proportion of nutrients it is always fixed, and nutrients required for different soil and crop types, quantities and proportions are diverse. Therefore, the application should pay attention to targeting.

According to soil use. On micro-alkaline, and organic matter content partial low, and effective nitrogen and p lack of soil, General should selection acid fertilizer, as phosphate a ammonium or rot plant acid class nitrogen p potassium fertilizer, and nitrogen p fertilizer suitable; on acid soil, organic matter content low of soil, is should selection alkaline fertilizer or organic fertilizer; rich p or rich potassium soil can selection targeted strong of II Yuan fertilizer.

Crop selection. General field crops selection nitrogen p compound fertilizers, wheat or high yield tons grain, should selection nitrogen p potassium ternary fertilizer; wheat, and rice, planting crop, suitable with powder fertilizer; planting row crop as corn magistrates or with particles-like fertilizer; vegetables especially fruit and vegetable and root dish class and the fruit, cash crops needed potassium more, should selection containing potassium high, and low nitrogen of nitrogen p potassium fertilizer, not only yield and conducive to improved crop quality. In addition, the compound fertilizer of potassium in two, one for potassium chloride, potassium sulphate for another. Chlorine potassium chloride to avoid crops such as grapes, sweet potato, potato, tobacco should not be used. On the fertilizer bag was not marked "s" symbol, and potassium for potassium chloride-potassium.