Shanxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision on chemical fertilizer and pesticide check the pass rate is higher
Apr 11, 2016

Recently, the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision organization to chemical fertilizers and pesticides two agricultural means of production products quality supervision and inspection. Results show that both relatively high sampling rate.

Quality supervision personnel a total of 158 batch of production and distribution units in our province a supervision of the quality of the fertilizer, including liquid anhydrous ammonia, ammonium sulfate, urea, compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers, phosphate, potash and other more than more than 10 varieties, qualified 155 batches, failed in 3 batches, detection rate of unqualified products 1.9%. Its main quality is not enough nutrient content and chloride ion content. Checks, nominal Fushun fertilizer industry in Shanxi province technology limited production of 40 kg/bag sanjin dahua brand, phosphorus and potassium nitrate, nominal Nanjing Red River Delta ecological fertilizer production 50 kg/bag of fertilizer, the total nutrients, chloride, potassium oxide does not meet the standard requirements.

Quality prison personnel the total on I province production distribution units of 90 a batch of pesticide quality for has supervision checks, including pesticides, and sterilization agent, and herbicide, and plant growth regulators, multiple varieties, qualified 89 a batch, only nominal Shandong province green scholar pesticide limited production of 500 ml/bottle green scholar brand 4.5% efficient chlorine cyanide Chrysanthemum ester EC not qualified, detection displayed its efficient chlorine cyanide Chrysanthemum ester content only for 0.3%, effect insecticidal effect and crop growth.