The advantages of compound fertilizer
Feb 05, 2018

1. Compound fertilizer contain comprehensive nutrients and high contents.

There are two or more nutrient elements in compound fertilizer which will supply kinds of nutrients crops needed balanced and Long. Compound fertilizer can give full play to the interaction between nutrient elements and improve the effect of fertilization.

2. Good physical properties for easy application. Compound fertilizer granular is generally hard, without powder, uniform particle size, small moisture absorption and easy to store and use. Compound fertilizer is not only suitable for mechanized application,but also for artificial broadcasting.

3. There is hardly secondary components in compound fertilizer without adverse effect to soil. All nutrients of compound fertilizer is soluble and needed by crops. When applying compound fertilizers,it can avoid the waste of some material resources and avoid the adverse effects of certain auxiliary components.

4.  Conpound fertilizer is diversified which is beneficial to selection and application. the main characteristics of compound fertilizer is being made according to the soil and crops. The nutrients proportion diversified,which can be selected and applied according to the needs.thus avoiding the waste of certain nutrients and improve the yields.

5. Application of compound fertilizer will reduce cost and save expenses during storage, transportation and application.