Way and method of fertilization
Jan 12, 2018

1. Basal fertilizer, it is fertilizers which is applied before crop seeding or fielding planting,combining with soil cultivation, also be called base dressing fertilizer.

How to apply basal fertilizer? (1)broadcasting method;(2)Furrow application;(3)hole application;(4)annular fertilization.

2. Seed fertilizer,  while crop seeding and planting, fertilizers are applied nearby seed or young seeding to supply nutrients for seeding plant. Many fertilizers can be used as seed fertilizer,such as microbial fertilizer, humid acid fertilizers and fast-acting chemical fertilizer.

How to apply seed fertilizer? (1)layered fertilization;(2)seed-immersion method;(3)mixed with seed ;(4)apply fertilizer via touching plant roots.

3. Top dressing. In order to adjust plant nutrients, fertilizers are applied during plant growing. It is to supply nutrients while plant growing. Fast-acting chemical fertilizer or microbial fertilizer or high rotton organic fertilizer

How to apply basal fertilizer? (1)broadcasting method;(2)Furrow application;(3)water irrigation;(4)foliage fertilization.