Why deferent NPK fertilizers prices quot from china by deferent export package?
May 18, 2016

Fertilizer is a resource-based products, so Chinese Business Dept. and Customs set export tariffs to prevent the loss of resources due to large quantity exports.

For convenient sales, NPK fertilizer export package commonly use 1kg, 10kgs, 25kgs, 50kgs PP Plastic Woven Bags with PE peliner.

But there are deferrent export tariffs rate set by per package in gross weight of NPK fertilizers (three-component fertilizers), more than 10kgs in gross weight per package is 30%, and less is 5%. Because of the prices base on FOB of NPK fertilizers from chinese supplier should add the export tariffs, and then there are big deterrent between deterrent package specifications of NPK fertilizers. So, in order to quot. the FOB prices in competitive for sales, the chinese supplier commonly suggest NPK fertilizers importer to accept that export package of NPK fertilizers less than 10kgs gross weight per package.