Why Is Fertilizer So Important?
Jun 22, 2016

Almost half of today´s population depends on fertilizer for their food. However, a rapidly growing population - estimated to reach more than 9 billion in 2050 - combined with changing diets will lead to a sharp increase in demand for food in the next decades. The FAO estimates that food production has to increase by 60% by 2050 .

Fertilizers are essential crop nutrients, which provide minerals throughout the food chain. The nutrients in fertilizers are exactly the same as those found naturally in the soil, and they are essential elements for crops, animals and human beings. When plants are harvested these nutrients are components of the crops, and are therefore removed from the soil. If new nutrients are not added to replace those removed, the soil becomes depleted. This in turn leads to soil degradation, with reduced crop yields and crop quality. By adding nutrients the soil is kept fertile, and it has the ability to provide healthy food.

 It is of great importance to use fertilizers correctly. Wrong application could cause growth in unwanted areas, for example, leakage of nutrients into rivers and sea can cause algae bloom. There are several examples of incorrect fertilizer application, mainly related to the wrong amount, the wrong nutrients, or at the wrong time.

Balanced fertilization is a crucial element in best farming practices, and essential to increased agricultural output.