Why Make Foliar Application of Fertilizers?
May 21, 2016

Plants absorb nutrients through the roots and through the foliage. Many plant nutrients are needed in such great quantities that it is impractical to supply them through the foliage. However, when soil conditions are unfavorable, when micro-nutrients are needed, or when spraying for insects and disease, it may be desirable to make foliar applications of the plant nutrients. 

When plant nutrients are applied to the foliage of the plant, smaller quantities of the fertilizer material are required than when applying to the soil. The danger of fixation and/or leaching is also reduced when nutrients are applied to the foliage of the plant. 

The application of the fertilizer at the same time as an insecticide, fungicide, etc., reduces labor costs and machinery costs, thereby reducing the cost of crop production.

Nutrients applied to the foliage are generally absorbed more rapidly than when applied to the soil. Foliar application provides a means of quickly correcting plant nutrient deficiencies, when identified on the plant. It often provides a convenient method of applying fertilizer materials, especially those required in very small amounts and the highly soluble fertilizers.