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100% Water Soluble Complex Fertilizers Against Indian FCO Standard
Oct 10, 2016

Basic Info.

Brand Name:ZinongClassification: Compound Fertilizer
Release Type:QuickAppearance: Powder
Specification: Indian FCO StandardPackage:9.5/9.9KG Bag
Origin:Shandong, China

NOP, MKP, CAN, MAP, NPK13-40-13, NPK18-18-18, NPK13-5-26, 

NPK6-12-36, NPK20-20-20, NPK19-19-19, NPK12-30-15,

NPK12-32-14, NPK7.6-23.5-7.6+3.5Zn

Production Capacity:50Mt/DHS Code:3105 1000.90

Product Description

Water Soluble Fertilizer is fast-acting fertilizer can be completely soluble in water with no any residue, so crops can directly absorb the fertilizer nutrients by roots and foliage. Water Soluble Fertilizer is applied in integration to achieve fertilizer nutrients effective absorption rate to 80% -90%, more than double of the common fertilizers.

Water Soluble Fertilizer  is a series of rich, balanced nutrients fertilizer can supply the nutritional needs for fast growing of the high-yielding crops. Drip irrigation system with water-fertilizer application can save water more than 30% of common fertilizer. While operating without artificial so save the cost obviously .

Water Soluble Fertilizer  can be adjusted the formula against the fertilization method, soil condition, different kinds of crops and different growing period of crops,such as different formula of chloride-based, sulphur-based, urea-based, nitrate-based.Water  also can be adjusted the nitrogen content ratio of ammonium nitrogen, urea nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen. Water  can be add little macronutrien (Ca, Mg, S) and micronutrien (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, B, Mo) as special using fertilizers.

Other Typical Specification


MAP 12-61-0 NOP 13.5-0-46 MKP 0-52-34 

CAN15.5-0-0+18.8Ca SOP 0-0-52 SOP 0-0-50 UREA 46-0-0

NPK Balance

NPK 21-21-21 NPK 20-20-20 NPK 19-19-19 NPK 18-18-18


NPK 30-10-10 NPK 42-05-03 NPK 28-14-14


NPK 13-40-13 NPK 10-52-10 NPK 15-30-15 NPK 12-36-12

NPK 15-36-15 NPK 10-55-10 NPK 15-45-10 NPK 03-37-37


NPK 12-12-36 NPK 10-10-40 NPK 05-15-45 NPK 12-03-43

NPK 15-05-30 NPK 12-08-40 NPK 10-10-30 NPK 15-15-30

NPK 16-08-24 NPK 03-37-37 NPK 15-05-30


SHANDONG LVFENG FERTILIZER CO.,LTD are the professional fertilizer manufacture can supply all kinds of compound fertilizer, also can do the customized fertilizer against customer's formulas (specifications). 

SHANDONG LVFENG FERTILIZER CO.,LTD have more than 9 years experience to export fertilizers from china to worldwide area, such as Africa, Asia, Middle-east, Australia, America and etc.



SHANDONG LVFENG FERTILIZER CO.,LTD can produce various formula of compound fertilizer according to soil nutrients in different regions as well as customer’s requirements to meet client’s needs.

SHANDONG LVFENG FERTILIZER CO.,LTD also can do CUSTOMIZED PACKAGE according to the client requiement, the client should give us the designed details of package such as the thinkness&fineness of PP plastic woven bag, the thinkness of PE inner bag, and etc.