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Analysis On Fertilizer Market In China And Studies On Investment Prospects
Apr 11, 2016

Booz 2016-2022, data released by the China fertilizer market analysis and investment research report on introduced new fertilizers industry overview, China fertilizer industry operating environment, analyzes the current situation of fertilizer industry in China, China fertilizer industry competition, on China's fertilizer industry for key business conditions analysis and forecast of China fertilizer industry and investment. If you want to the fertilizer industry is a system of understanding or want to invest in fertilizer industry, this report is your indispensable tool.

So-called new fertilizer should is is different from Yu traditional of, and General of fertilizer, China Technology Department and Commerce encourages foreign investment high-tech products directory (2003) in the about new fertilizer directory on including composite type microbial vaccination agent; composite microbial fertilizer; plant promoting health bacteria agent; straw, and garbage rot cooked agent; special function microbial preparations; control, and sustained release new fertilizer biological organic fertilizer organic fertilizer plant steady-state nutrition fertilizer,. New fertilizer and fertilizer the key difference is that a "new", and a "new" and "old" varies over time, that is to say, now the new fertilizer, soon may become a regular fertilizer. But now fertilizer from the then new stabilized after years of application of fertilizers. Working fertilizer industry is China's first research and development of new fertilizer unit.

Innovation of the new fertilizer is mainly reflected in low carbon, high efficiency, low energy consumption, meet development demand in China, a lot of policy support from the Government, boosting the rapid development of new fertilizers.

In recent years, China achieved rapid economic development, a clear food is structure improvement and the improvement of food quality. New fertilizer has obvious effect in improving crop quality, although prices are higher, but high quality agricultural products of high profits and improve the ability of farmers buy fertilizer.