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Attentions For The Use Of Water Soluble Fertilizers
May 13, 2016

(1) Concentration: in order to receive good results, appropriate concentration is better for the spraying of fertilizers, if the concentration is too high, the effect is not useful but harmful.

(2) Time: In order to reduce the loss of fertilizer in the spraying process, the best choice for spraying is in cloudy weather, if sunny weather, in the evening should to spray is better, to increase the time for liquid fertilizer on crop leave’s wetting time, in order to absorb fully.

(3) Amount: the amount of trace elements needed by vegetables is very small, and various trace elements from deficit to excess of critical range is very narrow, a slight deficiency or excess can be harmful.

(4) Times: According to the growth and development of vegetables, generally 2-4 times.

(5) Spray mix: a reasonable mix between fertilizer spraying, or mixed with other fertilizers or pesticides sprayed, can play "a spray pleiotropic" effects, but to understand the physical and chemical properties of fertilizers and pesticides, to prevent the occurrence of chemical The reaction reduced fat (drug) effect.