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Jun 23, 2016

Balanced fertilization is a crucial element in best farming practices, and essential to increased agricultural output.

Nutrient management systems & tools to achieve better fertilizer use efficiency in the agriculture. Nutrient management means that fertilizer demand is calculated based on soil analysis, yield expectations, desired crop quality and climate. Organic nutrients fertilizer available at a farm should be used first. Mineral fertilizers should then be added based on the calculated nutrient gap. Nutrient management also contains guidelines for the correct choice of fertilizer products and application methods.

The use of precision tools and technology should be encouraged to enable farmers to add just the nutrients needed, in the right amount at the right time, thereby greatly reducing negative environmental impact while optimizing the yield.

Through best farming practices - i.e. balanced fertilization, nutrient efficiency and precision farming - it will be possible to close the gap between today´s agricultural output and the needed agricultural output estimated by the FAO, thereby feeding the world while minimizing environmental impact.

Fertilizer use also plays a key role from a land use efficiency perspective. To protect biodiversity and to combat climate change, land use management needs to be optimized.