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Common Symptoms Of Nutrient Deficiency In Plants
Apr 11, 2016

Nitrogen deficiency: plants with light green, basal leaves yellowing, Brown when dry. Stems are short and thin, low branches or tillers appeared premature. Nitrogen deficiency is characterized by fruit trees fruit small, less fruit and pericarp hard, and so on.

Phosphorus-deficient plant green, red or purple, dark green when dry. Stems are short and thin, basal leaves turn yellow, flowering delayed, seeds are small, not as fresh.

Potassium deficiency: the lodging, leaf edge chlorosis, scorch, fragmentation, interveinal necrotic spots, entire leaves and sometimes in a cup volume or shrinkage, Brown and root. Grain crops and sugar and other crop growth stage needs large amount of potassium, such as cereals and potatoes, sweet potatoes, watermelons, grapes, etc.

Magnesium deficiency: leaves turn yellow and sometimes noise (and the difference between nitrogen deficiency), veins remain green, yellowing between the veins, sometimes purple, necrotic spots.

Iron deficiency: interveinal chlorosis was clear net-like, when the entire blade, especially young leaves, pale yellow or white. This symptom such as camphor, gardenia easily.

Boron deficiency: first at the top, stop growing phenomenon appears at the top. Young leaves deformed, shrunken. Chlorotic vein does not rule. Rape of "flower and false" cotton "Bud instead of flowers", Apple fruit shrink disease, heart rot of radish belongs to the Boron deficiency causes.