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Jul 08, 2016

Growing cucumber and getting high yield is a task that requires profound knowledge and expertise. Here are just some of the information for reference :

- The optimum time to introduce hives into the field is when approximately 25% of the plants are beginning to flower.

- The cucumber grows best under conditions of high temperature, humidity, and light intensity and with an uninterrupted supply of water and nutrients.

- Air temperature is the main environmental component influencing vegetative growth, flower initiation, fruit growth, and fruit quality.

- Close spacing increases yields, provides more uniform maturity and reduces weed problems. It also results in shorter fruit with a lighter color.

- Numerous studies have showed a linear decrease in the yields of cucumbers as the salt concentration of the irrigation water increased.

- Crop yields are highly dependent on N availability to the plant.

- It has been shown clearly the positive effect of potassium fertilization on cucumber yields.

- Potassium has a well-known effect of both enhancing plant resistance to pathogens and of reducing the impact of the infection.