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Effect Of Irrational Fertilization
Apr 11, 2016

1, superficial or surface application of fertilizer. Fertilizer loss or volatile, hard to reach crop roots and detrimental to the crops, resulting in low utilization ratio of fertilizer. Fertilizer should be applied to seed or plant where 16-26 cm at the bottom.

2, the leaves (stems) dish too much application of chloride fertilizer. Fertilizer ammonium chloride and potassium chloride for the production of compound fertilizers known as chlorine, chlorine-containing 30%, burn seedlings, watering time. Saline-alkali soil and chloride-sensitive crops don't use of chlorine-containing fertilizers. Leaves (stems) too many dishes using potassium chloride, causing vegetables are tender, fibrous, and makes vegetables taste bitter taste bad, low benefits. Urea-based compound fertilizer with high nitrogen, biuret nitrogen is also slightly higher burn plant, pay attention to watering and fertilization depth.

3, fertilization methods. From the use of improper methods could cause fertilizer injury, burn wilting seedlings, plants and so on. For example, too much fertilizer at a time or lack of soil moisture after fertilization, soil solution concentration is too high, difficult crop root water uptake, resulting in wilting of the plant, or even dead. In addition, excess of ammonium nitrogen in soil, plants will absorb the excess ammonia, causing ammonia poisoning

4, excessive use of certain nutrients. In this way, not only to crops produce toxicity, but it will inhibit uptake of nutrients by crops, causing deficiency. For example, excess nitrogen can cause a calcium deficiency; molybdenum deficiency chlorosis caused by excessive nitrate; too much potassium can reduce the effectiveness of calcium, magnesium, boron; too much phosphorus can reduce the effectiveness of calcium, zinc, b.

5, fresh human waste directly applied to the vegetable. Not composted animal manure in the decay process, produces large quantities of harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide, easy to make vegetable seeds Anoxia asphyxia and produces a lot of heat, easy to make vegetable seed burn or root rot, not conducive to the growth of vegetable seeds to germinate.