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Effect Of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium On Yield Components Of Rice
Apr 11, 2016

Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on rice yield varies, nitrogen is the most influential. Influence of nitrogen on rice yield is the biggest Spike, but also affects the number of grain per spike. But too much nitrogen can lead to lodging removal, cut outside, may also make the Valley a flat rate increase, but little effect on grain weight. Effect of nitrogen on rice quality, increase protein content.

P is composition plant cell nucleic acid of main components, it can accelerated cell split, promote rice sent root tiller, also can promote n of absorption, in rice heading Hou, stems leaves in the of p can transfer to spike in the, p is rice body most easy transfer and times using of a nutrient, most in rice growth early absorption, but late most transfer to grain in the, on improve rice strong rate and thousand grain heavy has important role. Seedlings to phosphorus requirements quite urgent, even when the root system is not fully developed also requires a certain amount of phosphorus. P main influencing tiller number, also affect the grain weight and grain quality.

Effect of potassium on tiller number is very small, except in extreme cases of potassium deficiency, affects the tiller. Potassium on spikelets per panicle and seed setting rate of positive effects, tillering stage appropriate balance of nitrogen and potassium on spikelet formation and seed setting rate will have a good impact. Potash promotes the synthesis of carbohydrate transport, and promote the absorption of nitrogen, enhancing the photosynthesis of rice. More importantly potash can promote the growth of stem robust, tough, enhanced resistance to lodging and disease resistance, seed strong and full. Due to the physiological activities of the flag leaves of potassium can help maintain a long, in order to achieve high yield and potassium uptake into filling State of maturity is important, but too much potassium can have an adverse effect on quality.