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Effects Of Nitrogen, Phosphorus And Potassium Fertilization On Quality Of Vegetables
Apr 11, 2016

Effects of nitrogen fertilizer on quality of vegetables, mainly to improve crops, especially cereal grain protein content, but when too much nitrogen, can also affect crop quality, insufficient light, drought, high temperatures, nutrient imbalances. Excess nitrogen, reducing the fat in products, sugar and starch content, and have an impact on the quality and taste of the vegetables, statistics show that where applying fertilizer, spinach, whole-plant cabbage nitrate content in edible parts improved. Foreign studies have shown that nitrate accumulation in plants with fertilizer application, and increased nitrogen amount of protein content increased with the growth in nitrogen, nitrate contents increased slowly, when the nitrogen reaches a certain limit, the protein content decreased, nitrate content quickly.

Effect of phosphorus fertilizer on vegetable quality, mainly increases in crude protein content of the grain, especially essential amino acids, vegetable phosphate to improve quality, reduce the amount of acid, increasing the sugar/acid ratio, has a role to improve commodity prices.

Potassium is often considered to be the production of crops ' quality factor '. Effect of potassium fertilizer on vegetable quality is mainly protein can improve crop, quality and quantity of carbohydrate, adequate supply of potassium also improves the resilience of crops, so as to improve the quality of vegetables. Potassium enhances fruit of resistance, the sugars in the vegetables, vitamin c, amino acid levels of such substances and storability, color has a significant impact, rare reports of potassium fertilizer application on the quality of vegetables contaminated.