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New Fertilizer Export Tariff For 2017 In China Have Been Published
Dec 24, 2016

New fertilizer export tariff for 2017 have been published by chinese govenment on December 23,2016.

China canceled most of the export tariffs on fertilizer products except some special products.

The export tariff of urea, MAP, DAP, TSP,SSP, ammonium chloride and etc. have been canceled.

For Compound fertilizers, the export tariff of NP & NK compound fertilizer and NPK compound fertilizer with package gross-weight less than 10kgs have been canceled too, and the export tariff of NPK compound fertilizer with package gross-weight more than 10kgs have been reduced from 30% to 20%.

But the export tariff of potash fertilizer not change any more, such as NOP, PK compound fertilizer, SOP & MOP/KCL with package gross-weight more than 10kgs.

Please reference as such table: