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Nitrogen Fertilizer, Hot Product Of High Price For 2016
Aug 13, 2016

Due to some production suspension of some urea suppliers, some buyer have lay orders for September and farmers shall purchase enough urea in early August if they want to save money.

Although farmers are reluctant to purchase at large quantity, some areas in the world are in urgent need of urea, especially some European countries who will export urea to North African area and some Latin American states are purchasing urea too.

Trading companies bears different views about United States. Some think CF price is very competitive, which will be lowered further when some new manufactures are activated.Indian bidding work of Urea is not confirmed and other Asian buyers’ order is not as large as expected. 


Last week, Urea price is increased slightly.NF company sold twenty thousand tons of Urea in August at FOB price 180USD. Some others has offered lower price based on larger quantity such as forty thousand Tons at once.

So the supply in August and In September is tight, price of Urea is not lowered at all generally speaking.