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Jun 30, 2016

The potato ranks as the world's fourth most important food crop, after maize, wheat and rice.Growing potato and getting high yield is a task that requires profound knowledge and expertise. Here are just some of the information for reference :

- Since potatoes are sensitive to the chloride anion, it is essential to use chloride-free fertilizers, which contribute to increased yield and quality.

- Potato growth is classified into five distinct growth phases, and each growth stage has to be considered when managing the crop.

- The highest requirement for potassium is during the bulking up stage of the tubers. The flowering of potato plants indicates the beginning of this morphological stage.

- Adequate control over Nitrogen (N) supply is highly important to obtain high yields of excellent quality potatoes.

- Calcium deficiency interferes with root growth, causes deformation of foliage growth tips, and may result in reduced yields and poor quality.