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Supply Compound Fertilizer NPK19-0-3 Extrusion Granular
Jun 13, 2016

Shandong Lvfeng Fertilizer Co.,Ltd can arrange to producing Compound Fertilizer NPK19-0-3 Extrusion Granular against customize. It is typical worldwide use for agriculture instead of ammonium sulfate(SOA). Granular size around 2-5mm.


SPECIFICATION (percent by weight) :   

Compound Granular Fertilizer NPK 19-0-3 

Manufacture :  Shandong Lvfeng Fertilizer Co.,Ltd.
MoistureMaximum  2.0%
Total Nitrogen Minimum 19.0 %
Ammonical Nitrogen Minimum 19.0 %
Potash (as K2O) Minimum 3.0 %
Sulphur (as S )  Minimum 22.5 %
Total chlorides (as Cl) Maximum 2.4%
AppearanceWhite Extraction Granular
Particle size                                  2-5mm 90% Min.


If any customer need the type of fertilizer please contact wtith us immediately,. And Lvfeng Fertilizer can manufacture Compound Fertilizers & Water Soluble Fertilizers against the customized formula, including special formula added Macronutrient such as Ca Mg, or Micronutrient such as Fe Zn Mn Cu etc.