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The Foliar Fertilizer And Irrigation Fertilizer
May 11, 2016

The irrigation fertilizer is the application of any fertilizer through an irrigation system. While the amounts applied are still relatively limited, this method is normally used to apply small amounts of the major nutrients in cases where it is difficult to get enough fertilizer applied using regular methods, or when excess precipitation may have washed nutrients out of the soil. The target for the fertilizer is the root zone of the crop, not the leaves as with a foliar product. 

Even though the irrigation system may apply water and fertilizer to the leaves, the intent is to wash it off into the root zone.

The foliar fertilizer normally done with a tractor- or self-propelled spraying rig.

It is one which is applied directly to the leaves of a growing crop.

The concentrations are usually quite low because the plant leaves can only absorb a limited amount of any nutrient, and so this practice is normally limited to the application of micronutrients, those which the plant needs only in very tiny amounts.