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What Is The Difference Between Compound Fertilizers And Compound Fertilizers?
Apr 11, 2016

Compound fertilizers and compound fertilizers are two different types of chemical fertilizers, the combination of price, efficiency is a far cry from the. But a few cynical production and sales enterprises, their farmer friends like fertilizer, compound fertilizer to imitate fertilizer sales, profits, which seriously damages the economic interests of farmers. So is there any difference between the two?

1. Different compound fertilizer production technology through chemical synthesis, its nutrient content in a uniform, consistent particle size. By physical mixture and compound fertilizers, simple production process, nutrient balance, less effective.

2. Nutrient content fertilizer nutrient fixed, 15% each of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur 30%, low concentration and compound fertilizers, total nutrient is generally not more than 30%.

3. Synthesis of compound fertilizer nutrient use efficiency of different chemical reactions release evenly, a high utilization rate. But the mixed compound fertilizer nutrient release are not balanced, resulting in crop nutrient absorption processes in the waste and lack of.

4. Implementation standards irrespective of fertilizer is also identified as a compound fertilizer of fertilizer, usually identified as GB15063-94, and identifies standards of fertilizer is different, is to perform enterprise standards. "Sunny day" brand identity standard for the Q/LHZ001 of potassium sulphate compound fertilizer to 11,997. Therefore, at the time of purchase with a little note can tell. Identifies the standards for GB15063-94 and total nutrients not exceeding 30%, is a compound fertilizer. As difficult to identify or to worry about when buying a fake fertilizer, can go to the local technical supervision Department inquiries or complaints, technical supervisor will provide you with satisfactory service.