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Zalantun, Inner Mongolia 2015 Utilization Ratio Of Nitrogen, Phosphorus And Potassium Test Completed
Apr 11, 2016

Due to the fertilization in rice production improperly and caused a certain amount of economic losses and efficiency is not high on the environment pollution, thus improving fertilizer use efficiency and reduce rice production cost is important on the high-yielding cultivation technical problem, the soil is an important task. In accordance with the required zalantun shared responsibility utilization ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium test 3, experimental design for 8 treatments, repeated three times, that is: 1, the conventional NP,2, regular NK,3 regular PK,4, NPK (18-10-3), 5 PK NK7 formula NP,6, formula, formula, formula 8, NPK (15-10-15).

Harvest, fertilizer station technician and get 24 rice plant sample, samples away from the edge, by plum-shaped sampling method sampling, each community is 5 points, each point is 1 square meter, sample integrity of the note stem, leaves and ear and bring back samples of indoor natural drying out grain, straw, grain crushing, screening and bagging. Analyst in laboratory for on rice stems stalk, and seeds of detection work, detection process strictly according to procedures operation, stems stalk, and seeds of full nitrogen, and full p, and full potassium Qian processing are is with thick sulfuric acid for overnight acidification, next day with hydrogen peroxide elimination Cook, elimination Cook process strictly control good temperature, cooling Hou set capacity filter, filter good of filtrate respectively for nitrogen p potassium of detection. Each batch of samples to take parallel samples and reference materials, substandard batches must be redone. A total of 48 samples, 24 stem, 24 grains, test item 144.

Through utilization of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium on rice comparative test to find out the zalantun rice nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizer utilization status data provide a basis for future growth efficiency of rice.